I am Jim, a.k.a Lune, a semi multicultural primate with a lesser ability for abstract thinking and artistic expression. I dream a lot, but prefer to call my self a visionary. I create a lot, even though it might not be innovative it might further the human race a little bit. I usually juggle a bit too many projects when I should be thinking about what colourful button in front of me, emits electrical shocks. I like stuff, and I like people, I’m enthusiastic and optimistic, if everybody went around feeling sad, things wouldn’t be very much fun, would it? I might talk a bit too much and although I might seem naïve don’t let that fool you. I hunger for knowledge and skill, and usually stüff myself too much with it. And when it comes to food, don’t get me started on food, oooh I love food. The sole reason that I exist is due to a dart arrow, which was lodged in my mums’ forehead by my father. This resulted in a long move for my mother to the harsh and cold Sweden, but that didn’t stop them from getting me, the only foreign looking kid for miles, hey its fun being the only non blond kid. This has sculpted me, a prime social specimen of the human race.


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