Happy New Year

So I’m not a very good blogger, but perhaps it’s time to get back on the blogging wagon though, I started blogging again in swedish (http://www.lune.se) last year which is more about my private life so i guess this could become more about design and development, although I’m kinda all designed and developed out most days from all the designing and developing I’m doing, so I might slip a fair amount of non work related stuff in, like my new hobby Capoeira or other random things.

Anyways what has happened since last, well I think it was about 4 years ago since I last wrote anything on the blog. Well I finished my contract with Eduction First (http://www.ef.com), after a holiday in Thailand I started working as a interaction designer at The Team (http://www.theteam.co.uk), did that for about 3 years and I am now currently contracting for Universal Music Group (http://store.universal-music.co.uk).

So here it goes, 2010 a new life of blogging



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