If you like Manga and Anime, you probably haven’t missed hearing about Naruto, the Manga was first published in -97 and the Anime hit the screens in 2002. Personally I’ve been watching it since 2003.

It’s still a great anime, and never ceases to entertain, although as with any anime following a manga, the filler episodes are totally rubbish. But they are only a small percentage of the episodes.

Naruto Uzumaki is a young boy who has the Nine-Tailed Demon Fox sealed within him, and is struggling to keep it’s massive rage and power tucked inside.

As with a lot of other popular anime it’s main focus is on friendship and working for the better of the team. It’s got some great character development even after  390+ episodes.

The story is about a young ninja trainee, Naruto, who when as a baby had a powerful deamon sealed inside him to protect the village from destruction. This would lead to him having a uncontrollable rage inside him and to become alienated by everyone in the village.

Over the years he turns out to have something that no other ninja can match, the power of blind friendship, later on the series takes a break (after 220 episodes) to start with Naruto Shippuden, where Naruto and his friends are a bit older and the series turns a bit more adult and dark, probably to accomodate that the original viewers have grown up a little (although I’m just as childish as before)

You can watch Naruto Shippuden Online Thursdays 12:00pm BST on Cruchyroll

Sunday Comic strip

I’ve been reading Sinfest on and off for years now, it’s a great comic about existentialism and religion (not really taking any of it serious)

Over the last decade Tatsuya Ishida has developed a line of characters like; Seymour (personification of Christian Fundamentalists) and Li’l Evil ( big fan of the Devil), featuring Buddah, God and the Devil as well in a battle of good vs. evil

His views on the world does come though quite often to: Imperialism

The best thing is there is literally one strip per day since 2000, so you’ll always have something fresh.

Folk Friday

Friday and I’m bored of being a shut in

So with the help of the timeout website I found a little gig venue at the Slaughtered Lamb in Clerkenwell where the Belgium folk music band Isbells was playing

They had great harmonics, magical music and a lot of fun instruments like Ukuleles, Banjos, multitude of percussions and they even played the saw!

Although we missed the preband: Hannah Peel that seemed quite fun


In regards to my previous post I think I can relate a little, my first home written RPG (I think I was 13 then) was mostly a big rulebook.

Although when I was doing military service, I started another on but for than one I mostly just drew pics:

Although it got at least 20-30 pages of background story to the world, I might pick it up again one day.

Maybe draw some more with my new found skill with magic markers.

Magic markers Rule!

Fear of girls 2

Back in 2006 I saw this documentary about geek roleplayer:

Apparently there is more parts to this documentary:

This is of course totally true to real life, the male ”platonic” relationship between fellow male roleplayers outweighs any ”rpg groupie wench” as we call them, not mater how hot(hot is very rare by the way).